Sunday, November 9, 2014

The introduction.

So, to begin, I was raised as a southern Baptist child, in a southern Baptist home, and, for lack of a better name, Fundamentalist school. I was taught things like, "Jesus loves the little children" right after learning the other part, you know, God, slaughtered all the first born innocents in Egypt. I never really bought it. However, I can say it did give me a thorough education in bullshit.

I do know of 2 people that went to the school, and were expelled for severe rule violations did commit suicide. I wasn't the best kid in the school. In fact I had a lot of problems when I came of age to drive and experienced the non-sheltered world. I absolutely went crazy when I figured out all of these things I was told would happen if I lived a worldly lifestyle didn't happen.  Not immediately. Later in life it nearly killed me. I tried and tried to get back to the faith I had as a child and teenager to ease the problems I had developed, and all that happened was I kept spiraling further down. It wasn't until I stopped believing what they taught me that my life improved.

The number one trigger in addiction is fear. The number one fear in all people is death. Amazingly, I found life in the death of religion. When I realized it was completely, shamelessly invented to allow institutions like schools, churches, and governments to control their people, I felt the chains fall. I was no longer scared to be sent to hell for something "immoral" that I was doing. I knew that all I had was today, this moment, and whatever happened next, just happened. When I die, I won't care anymore. But now, I have to make the most of my life and the lives of those I love.

While I never attended the college, I did attend the school from pre-K through high school. Here is a little information:

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